About VK Food Processors India

VK Food Processors is one of the foremost, leading manufacturer and exporter of freeze-dried products based at Surat, Gujarat, India. We freeze-dry fruits, vegetables, herbs, ready meals etc. Located in the southern part of Gujarat, VKFP has the strategic advantage in terms of sourcing for quality Agro-based products.

We have state-of-the-art industrial facility, spread over the area of 10,000 sq. feet, where we create freeze-dried products made from only the highest quality fruits and vegetables. The company was launched by third-generation entrepreneurs Mr. Saagar Vakharia & Mr. Tejas Kharwar with the vision of becoming top-most manufacturer and exporter of processed food products with a vision to minimize wastage and thereby reducing scarcity of agro-based products

We also offer contract manufacturing facility to our buyers meeting international standards.

Here at VKFP, we have highly experienced and qualified team members, who are responsible for providing customer centric approach, timely delivery, quality packaging ensuring customer satisfaction. Our biggest competency is to deliver large volume of product helping us build strong business alliances and relationship with reputed companies all round the world.

What is Freeze-drying ?

Freeze-drying is a dehydration process used to preserve perishable materials, keeping the structure intact and thereby retaining its natural nutrients, taste, texture, color and aroma.

This technology freezes the material, then reducing the pressure and adding heat to sublimate the frozen water in the material to evaporate. When rehydrate, the original product retains its natural form.

Freeze-dried products can be made available in Powder, Granules, Cubes, Slices, and Chunks as per requirement

Why Us

  • The company is led by young and qualified management

  • Our vendors provide us with best quality goods meeting international standards

  • Competitive prices

  • Large volume with specified time schedules

  • Prompt business services

  • Superior Packaging ensuring product safety

  • Customer centric and Personalised services

  • Contract manufacturing

Preparation Method

The preparation method is even simpler than your instant noodles and comes with a long shelf life. All you need to do is add some boiling water and wait, so you have hot home food, with flavors of your country’s soil.

Don’t forget to pick up a dozen of To-go meals, to keep your taste buds connected to your mother’s food and to save yourself from nostalgia over home cooking. And don’t worry about the baggage it’s too light and won’t take much space.

Target Segment

  • Experts in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry

  • Students

  • Individuals living alone

  • Business Travelers

  • Tourist

  • Adventure enthusiast

  • Food for disaster victims

  • Budget Airlines

Advantages of Freeze-drying

  • It reduces the weight of the product, which makes it easier to transport the material with convenience.

  • A freeze dried product can be stored for longer time-period without any additives and preservatives. This also makes the product safe for consumption.

  • A freeze-dried product maintains its appearance, taste, texture and nutritional content.

  • Freeze-drying helps in preservation of temperature-sensitive products especially of biological origin.

  • It improves storage life and helps in improved marketing of the product.

  • It can be easily rehydrated with water/milk, which in turn saves time.

  • To-go meals.

Benefit Freeze Dried Air Dried Infused Drum Dried
Purity/Clean label
No Sugar Added
No Sulfur Added
Highest nutrient retenation
Highest nutrient density
Highest flavor intensity
Longest shelf stability
Range of applictaions
Retains form of original
Highest color retention
# Of Pieces Per Kilogram

Source: 2013 USDA nutrition database; Industry data

What can be freeze-dried ?

  • Meat

  • Fruit

  • Vegetables

  • Herbs

  • Dairy

  • Dessert

  • Meals


  • Instant Meals & Soups, eg: Butter Chicken, Paneer Butter Masala, Dal Rice, etc.

  • Nutraceuticals, eg: Herbal products.

  • Seasonings

  • Salads

  • Baby Food

  • Health Food

  • Cereals

  • Snacks

  • Chocolate coating